MDS (Multi Dimensional Scaling) page

Welcome to MDS page!
MDS page is the place where researchers who are interested in research of MDS can exchange their informations, e.g., paper, home page, and, addresses. You can join us if you are interested in research of MDS!

  1. Our NMDS module
  2. You can freely download our NMDS module. It is written with Fortran code. See README for detail. Source code is available at here (Ver.1.2)
    1. Our paper related to this subject: "Relational patterns of gene expression via nonmetric multidimensional scaling analysis"
    2. Crude R source code for our algorithm. Substancially slower than fortan source codes. Sorry.
  3. Useful Links
    1. General Introduction to Multivariate Analysis
      1. Ordination Methods for Ecologists
      2. Statistics Links (in Japanese)
      3. Ststistics Home Page: by, providing SPSS.
      4. XGvis Interactive Data Visualisation with Multidimensional Scaling
    2. What is MDS?
      1. Multidimensional Scaling (class text by Forrest Young)
      2. Multidimensional Scaling (class text by Tony Coxon)
    3. Softwares
      1. NewMDSX:As well as a wide range of metric and non-metric MDS programs, it also includes simple Correspondence Analysis, Conjoint Analysis, Principal Components and Hierarchical and non-hierarchical (Branch and Bound) clustering.
      2. HiTMDS: Ever fastest MDS module adapted for massive data set!
      3. XGobi : MDS module with useful GUI.
      4. ViSta : General Purpose Multivariate Analysis Software with good GUIs. Free. Available on UNIX/WIN/MAC. It includes standard metric MDS unit.
      5. PCMDS: Mulrivariate Analysis Pacakges including MDS. Comercial, but sample program can be downloaded Freely. PCMDS works on DOS, but also can work on WIN95 using MSDOS window of WIN95.
      6. ALSCAL: ALSCAL performs metric or nonmetric Multidimensional Scaling and Unfolding with individual differences options. Free. Available on DOS, but also can work on WIN95 using MSDOS window of WIN95. Fortran source code is available, too.
      7. MDS on netlib: It includes several FORTRAN source codes related to MDS like; kyst, indscal. Free, but relatively old ones.
      8. Fionn Murtagh's Multivariate Data Analysis Software and Resources Page: It includes classical MDS as well as various multivariate analysis codes including Correspondence analysis, PCA etc. C/Fortran source. Free.
      9. FACET: A suite of programs to support Facet Analysis - Smallest Space Analysis, Multidimensional Scalogram Analysis, Partial Order Scalogram Analysis
      10. Nonmetric Multidimensional Scaling Programs: by Mark Steyvers
      11. MULTIGRID MULTIDIMENSIONAL SCALING: A multigrid framework for MDS, allowing to boost the performance of standard MDS algorithms by order of magnitude.

Maintainer: Y-h. Taguchi