Papers will be grouped according to the different themes and will be presented by lecture, poster or video.

Language: English
Video format: VHS (Recording format : NTSC /PAL /SECAM /MESECAM /M-PAL /N-PAL)

Texts of papers (both oral and poster presentations) selected by the Scientific Committee will be published in a bound volume given to all participants upon arrival at the conference.

Intending participants who wish to present a paper (orally or by poster) should send a 300-500 word abstract with a 3-5 key-word list to the following address before 1 August 5 September 2000:

Prof. Yuji KISHINO
Department of Civil Engineering
Tohoku University
Aoba-yama 06, Sendai 980-8579

Phone : +81-22-217-7421
Fax : +81-22-217-7423

Acceptance of abstracts and instructions for the preparation of papers will be communicated by the end of September, 2000.

Intending participants should complete the enclosed pre-registration form and post it to the above address as soon as possible.

All conference information will be available through the following web site: